about Us

Goldstreet Gospel Enterainment

Goldstreet Gospel Entertainment, Inc. is a production and recording company for contemporary gospel music. In the spirit of Thomas A. Dorsey, the father of modern gospel, Goldstreet has united Chicago’s gospel traditions with contemporary Christian music. Our company brings together Chicagoland’s newest and brightest singers, songwriters, and producers to create the pioneering sound of New Gospel Soul.

Goldstreet is committed to its talent, and to its mission of providing superior sound in a cost-effective manner. Typically, entertainment companies spend more money on production than on marketing and promotion. Goldstreet’s self-sustaining method, which uses a proven team of experienced and resourceful producers, ensures optimal results for minimal cost. Most of Goldstreet Gospel’s extensive catalogue will be produced at our local facilities.

Anchored in Chicago since late 2008, Goldstreet has weathered scrutiny and criticism to establish the most formidable roster of the area’s newest and most respected Christian artists.